Finding Parallels Between Surrogates and Life

An Insight To Surrogate Parenthood

Having a child is one of the major objectives in every family. There are instances where this is not possible owing to natural factors or illnesses. Despite the challenges, there are still approaches that couples can follow to ensure they get children as desired. A common approach in use in modern times is to seek for surrogate mothers who offer assistance to the couple to get a new kid.

To achieve success in surrogate parenting, there are two important parties that need to be incorporated. A key player is the surrogate mother whose responsibility is to incubate the new baby from inception until birth. Prospective parents form the other party as they are the ones to take care of the child once it is brought to the world. Connection of these two important parties is made by surrogate service agents who always form the connection between the parties.

In order to avoid conflicts in the process there are guidelines set by health and government agencies that parties involved in this process need to follow. A contractual agreement must be made by the parties and in such way it is done in accordance to the rules and regulations a s set by relevant authorities. The family seeking for a child must stipulate effectively the actual reward they need to give to the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother on the other hand agrees to surrender the newborn and never seek further compensation or rights to the child once its passed on to the new parents.

An important step in surrogate parenting is to ensure there is a clear definition of each party’s responsibilities. In most instances the prospective parents are required to offer with the sperm and the ova to be used. The embryo formed is then planted on the surrogate mother whose main responsibility is to carry the new child until the time of birth. During the entire period of pregnancy, the couple seeking the child need to undertake responsibility to cater for all health needs of the surrogate mother. The health needs in this respect should not be part of the reward offered to the surrogate mother. Alongside the responsibility on the prospective parents on health needs, the surrogate mother also needs to observe the basic requirements for good health.

It is a common and popular trend in modern times for childless couples to embrace surrogate parenthood. Having children is therefore not a major concern for most childless couples as there is an option available to cater for this need. The practice however comes with a number of challenges that must be understood by the parties and solutions articulated for the deal to be a process. Assistance in overcoming the challenges are available from agencies dealing with surrogate parenthood. Agencies involved in this process therefore ensure there is appropriate matching of the partners and guidance is available through the entire process until the couple gets the desired children.

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