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Benefits of Escape Rooms

In today’s crowded schedules finding time to escape and engage in other activates is important. Well one of such places that are gaining popularity is escape rooms. Escape rooms are normal-looking rooms that have challenges you must solve to get out. There are many benefits of escape rooms for your health, brain, work performance and even your relationships. And the best part is that no special skills are needed. In this article we will discuss some of the benefits of escape rooms.

One of the benefits of escape rooms is that they are good for your health; this is because as you solve puzzles your brain is active When you successfully solve puzzles the dopamine levels in your body increase. There are several benefits that the dopamine increase has which includes improved memory, heightened social skills, sharper concentration and positive mood. These, in the long run, improve your health because you will have to be less prone to stress.

Another benefit of escape room is that it helps you improve communication. When you are stuck in a room with friends or family for sixty minutes you will at one point discover that you have to speak in order to make it out. Not only, will you be required to speak but also listen in order to communicate effectively. Practice makes perfect, therefore, by communicating in the escape room, you will be rehearsing for communication in your normal routines.

You will acquire a teamwork mindset when you participate in an escape room activity. If you are looking for excellent team building activities then escape the room is right for you. There are some activities that you cannot accomplish in the escape room alone, and hence you will have to work as a group. The mindset created will be useful in other areas of life such as work.

Having looked at the benefits let us now discuss how you go about choosing an escape room. The first thing you need to consider is the difficulty of the escape room. If it is your first time, you will want to choose a beginner room. There is intermediate after beginner, and with several successful escapes in the intermediate, then you can move to advance. Also the difficulty can be in the form of the form of puzzles, which are physical, logical or searching puzzles.

You can also choose an escape room depending on the subject or tome you want. The list of themes is endless including historical, adventure, science, horror, suspense and many others. Depending on what exits you most, will you be able to choose the best theme escape room for you. The choice of the best escape room for you is one that will be fun and engaging enough for you and your team.

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