Mattress Image Isn’t Everything

You’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for the last ten years. Now everywhere, you’re being bombarded with the constant advertisements on TV, radio, in podcasts and on favorite sites. The new, the latest, the greatest in mattress technology. Get a 15% discount here, get a 250 refund there. Even on most manufacturer’s sites, you see deals splashed all over the screen. They post up the best looking parts of the mattress, all the things that make their mattress better than any other.

Pull Back the Cover

Past all of the hype and flashy deals on the homepage, is what the mattress actually offers. These can be a ton of words and terms and scientific-sounding benefits, but what it says and what it actually does can be two totally different things.

When looking for a mattress, consult review sites. Find out what the terms mean and then how people who’ve actually used those mattresses feel about them. People may rave about one feature of a mattress, then come to find out if you have a different body type, it can actually cause pain or discomfort. Features that most people discard as useless or even negative could end up being exactly the thing you need to feel comfortable. Go beneath the cover and see what’s actually in and surrounding those mattresses.

Your Eyes Can Deceive You

Measurements are not exact. Along with features, even something as simple as sizes can vary widely from mattress to mattress. Make certain to track actual inch measurements rather than typical terms such as ‘twin’, ‘king’ and ‘queen’. One ‘king’ could end up being a full foot off from what you need, or not long enough.

Pick out one or two necessities in a mattress and then find out what people are saying. Not about those mattresses, about the features. Find out which mattress offers those and how many are highly rated. Oftentimes, features that were never considered before can be part of the package of a certain mattress and end up being a fantastic addition to the package. Visit sites of mattress makers you’ve never heard before. The perfect mattress and perfect sleep could be one click further.