Questions About Vaporizers You Must Know the Answers To

Pointers for Buying E-Juice

If you’ve made up your mind about ditching smoking for vaping, that’s good news!If you’re bent on junking smoking for vaping, that is just perfect! Don’t be intimidated by the wide range of e-juices available though. If you take things slow, you’ll eventually end up with something you really like.

Here are things to consider when buying e-juice:Below are considerations to make when you buy e-juice:Consider the following as you buy e-juice:

First off, the flavor. Even if you get everything else right – nicotine strength, vapor production, etc. Luckily, e-liquids are made in nearly every flavor you could think of, from fruity cocktails to tobacco blends and more. When selecting e-liquid flavors, begin with those that you’re probably going to like, before exploring the rest.

After choosing your flavor, you can decide on your preferred nicotine strength. Are you a light, medium or heavy smoker?Do you consider yourself a light smoker, a heavy smoker or somewhere in between?Would you think of yourself as a light smoker or a heavy smoker, or somewhere in the middle? You have to get the right nicotine strength or you might compensate by vaping more if you get too little, or end up with headaches if you get too much. Start with medium strength and adjust as you desire.

Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycol (VG) or a Combination?

E-juice has a main base solution that is either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerol (VG), or it can be a mix of the two. PG offers a stronger flavor but a weaker vapor. VG is more condensed and is a bit sweet in taste, causing it to mute the flavor to an extent, but it can produce large clouds of vapor. Because of the marked differences between the two, e-juice makers have products that are all-PG, all-VG base, and mixtures in varying ratios.

Trial Is Best!

If you can, test flavors first before you pay for anything. Different brands can have a different impact on your tongue, even if they are the same flavor. It’s the same way with nicotine strength, so give it a test drive every time. You may think that a particular brand’s 12mg strength is just perfect for you, only to turn out too weak or two strong if you try the same strength of another brand.

Buying from a brick and mortar store, you will likely be able to test the different products. It may be different when you talk about online vape stores however. You will still be able to test the flavors, but you will have to order special “tester packs” to do so. These are often available in sets of different flavors, and you can have a pack of 5 flavors, 10 flavors or even 20. Aside from flavors, you can also test nicotine strengths as you try to find the right combo for you.

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