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7 Ways You Can Use LED Light Strips As Lighting Decor to Your Home

The most essential part not to miss in a home is the lighting. It is a nice idea to be more creative and put some lighting decor to a home. If you are looking for something to illuminate your home, then an LED light strip can provide you the lighting needs you need.

The good thing about these lights is the application versatility, and can be used in many types of application. In terms of LED light strips, the best way to use it is for decorative purposes. Below are some list on how you can beautify your home using the LED light strips.

Brighten Your Stairs.Use it to Illuminate Your Stairs. If you want your stairs to be a focal point in your home, the right way to do it is to use LED light strips. Add LED light strips to the bottom of each stairs if you have a floating type of staircase. If you have a traditional staircase, put light strips along the side of each step.

2.Give Your Furniture A Futuristic Feel. Add LED light strips to some of your furniture like your sofa, to give your home a high-tech and modern look.

3.Highlight an Art Piece. If you want to highlight a certain piece of art in your wall, the best thing to do it is to put LED light strips at the back or along the sides. In that way, you can have a gorgeous glow without using a spotlight. Also, make sure that the light suits your wall’s paint color before installing it.

4.Turn your Shelves into Decoration Pieces. Make your home more stylish by adding LED light strips to your storage shelves. If you have floating shelves, add LED light strips to the bottom of every shelf. You can achieve a beautiful for your boxed shelves by adding light inside and at the back of every shelf. Store attention-worthy pieces inside your shelves after you install LED light strips on it.

Make your Kitchen Extra Pretty. One way to upgrade your kitchen with little expense is by using light strips. Most high-end kitchens put light strips on the underside of the kitchen cabinets. This will create a pretty glow on the countertops. Utilize LED light strips to get that long flow glow.

6.Illuminate your Drawers. Small details can make a difference to your home and make it unique from an average home, one of those details is an inner-drawer lighting. You can put LED light strips to the inside of any drawer from you bedroom to your living room. However, it would be best to use LED light strips on the duller side so as to protect your eyes when you look inside the drawer.

Add Extra Warmth to your Deck. The newest trends showcase outdoor spaces as a great extension of your home. Add LED light strips to your outdoor deck to give it a warmer feel.

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