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Strategies on How to Grow Your Instagram Follower Base.

When it comes to social media Instagram is among the best and most popular platform. Instagram’s video and photograph sharing features make it among the most popular social media platforms Take the following strategies to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account.

To increase the number of followers on your Instagram account, form a tendency of liking photos in your niche. Taking your time and liking photos of people on Instagram who you can relate to is the best way to increase your followers. Reinforce the likes with genuine comments and also follow them and in turn they will feel appreciated and follow you back. To achieve the goal of increasing your followers emulate authentic as much as you can in the comments you leave fellow users.

Developing a unique style and theme for an Instagram account is a very nice move to attract fellow Instagram users to follow your account. Users are attracted to what they see and they will easily follow you if you have a distinct style which sets you apart. Your account style is dictated by the word captions you employ and the photographs you post. To maintain the fan base and to enable it to grow further ensure that you maintain the style you choose for your account.

Posting on a regular basis is also a good way of creating a fan base. The more the posts the higher the probability that they will be viewed and the higher the chances it will be viewed. Posting more captures an audience increasing the engagement rate and this will lead to a following. Posting on a daily basis is recommended as the chances of other users viewing your photos are higher and they may follow a particular post to your wall.

The more active you are the higher the chances of engaging with fellow users and the faster you will build a following. Commenting, replying to comments, posting photos and videos are some of the ways you can stay active on Instagram. By doing this a relationship with fellow users is fostered and this is an advantage to you as you can easily get followers. Use geotagged photos, live videos and Instagram stories to engage fellow users as they are more intriguing and realistic. Other users can end up following you once they see you have things you do in common.

To finalize, you can synchronize all your other social media accounts such as your tweeter and Facebook account to your Instagram account. This can facilitate a widening of your follower base by reposting the same content on all the platforms. Try as much as possible to avoid explicit content which may contain disturbing images by keeping to general, non-biased and real thoughts. Take the following factors into consideration and you will see an improvement in the number of followers on your Instagram account.

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