A Guide – Moving to Your New Home

Your lifetime dream has come true. You bought a new house in hill country homes Austin TX and plan to move out of your rental apartment. Where do you begin? Moving from one place to another, that too of your own, can be fun. It can also be a task that you wish you never have to do again. To make things easier, however, it is necessary that you be prepared. This means packing your items, hiring movers if needed, renting a moving vehicle and unpacking at the destination.

Three Weeks Before Moving

Packing your items will get you started on the journey to moving into your dream home. For this, you need moving boxes and organize things in such a way to make sure everything is accessible later. If you haven’t organized things before, don’t panic. All you need is boxes in various sizes and labels. Simply toss your belongings in these boxes and label them accordingly. In the beginning, your moving boxes may hold all the items that are unrelated to one another. It would be easy if you collected items of priority in one place – those items that may be needed immediately once you unpack. If you have children or other family members, let them organize their own moving boxes and fill them with their own items.

On the big day, these moving boxes will be easier to load and handy when they are unloaded. You should also reserve a few boxes to stash your discards, those things you no longer need or can’t accommodate in your new place. When the box is full, get rid of them whether to a charity or dumpster. Leaving it inside or at the curb can cost your money in the form of fine. Resist the urge to hold a garage sale at the last minute, your time is better spent doing something else.

Two Weeks Before Moving

The next big task is to make a list of people and places who might need your new home address. Your post office is the best place to start. Most of the time, the post office will forward all your mails to your new address. After a while, you may need to personally let these people know your address. So prepare the list. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, doctors, accountants, clergy and people you rarely hear from except during holidays, birthdays and weddings can go into the list. And don’t forget to add your banks, insurance companies, lenders, tax preparers, utility companies, previous as well as current employers.

One Week Before Moving

This is the right time to interview movers and get a price for the moving truck. Most movers offer a free estimate along with added perks. If possible, opt for daily rate instead of price per the pound or other metrics. Ask about license and insurance coverage for property damage or missing items. If you are self-driving, make sure that your vehicle insurance covers rental trucks and related costs as needed.