Real Estate: What Is It, and What Is It About?

In the olden days, the most powerful kings had the largest empires. These empires stretched for miles and miles and though civilization was not as advanced, people knew who the wealthy were and why they were wealthy and powerful, they owned and controlled the land that the common people worked and lived in. Today, these “kings” still exist, but are less obvious to people because the land and real estate is owned by their corporations, for tax reasons. In this article we will discuss the topic of real estate in more detail with some examples on how it is used in today’s environment.

Real estate is defined as all of the property, land, the rights to the resources on that property, the buildings and structures, as well as the rights above and below the property. The reason why the word “real” was joined to “estate” can be interpreted in different ways. It can be because the things are real, or because in the past the Latin word from which it was derived, meant “royal”, and kings owned all of the land, literally all of the real estate. In previous U.S. history, the U.S. did not allow people who did not own real estate, to vote.

Now that we have defined the word, do you want to see some examples of real estate? Well, below you will find a list of what can be and is considered real estate:

  • Hotels and Motels
  • Condominiums
  • Single Family Houses
  • Apartment Unit Buildings
  • Vacant and Undeveloped Land
  • Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Strip Malls
  • Office Buildings

These are just a few of the different types of real estate that can be bought and sold in their respective markets. There’s always a process involved in the purchase and sale of real estate which involves realtors savannah ga residents trust. The job of a realtor is to connect a seller of real estate, with a qualified buyer for the same type of real estate. Realtors use what is commonly referred to as the “market”. The actual name for this market is the multiple listing service (MLS). On the MLS, realtors can look for properties if they’re representing a buyer or list a property if they’re representing the seller. Realtors make a percentage of the sale when the deal is closed.

In conclusion, in this article we gave a brief overview of the real estate industry, what the word means, and where it comes from. Kings used to own all of the real estate, and thus had all the power. As of today, kings are a bit less flashy, but they still own all the real estate. The more real estate you own, the more power you have, however it would be extremely difficult to try and own a town or a city, but you have the potential for more than you think.