Should Landlords Invest In Electric Car Chargers For Their Properties?

Evaluate the Pros and Cons. Before deciding to install electric car chargers in your rental properties, there are a few key things to consider. First, consider the neighborhood. Certain neighborhoods attract more electric car owners than others. If your neighborhood is leaning in that direction, it would benefit the rental property down the road into the future. If a current resident requests an installation of an electric car charger, then consider the fact that it may be less expensive to install than finding a new renter.

What’s The Difference Between Level 1 And Level 2

Once you decide that installing an electric car charger on your rental property management apex nc is for you, which type should you choose? There is the level 1 charger which usually comes with the car and is not as powerful charging as the level 2. A level 2 charger is bought separately and can charge 25 to 30 range miles which means your car is fully charged in 4 – 5 hours. A level 1 charger can only give you 4 – 5 miles of range, enough to get you to a more powerful charger. You may need to get a permit and definitely get several quotes as they can vary depending on the age of the rental home and any electrical upgrades that may be needed.

What Are The Costs?

A level 1 charger with station will cost anywhere from $300 -$600 plus parts and labor for a total of $1000 – $1700. A level 2 charger will cost anywhere from $500 – $700 plus parts and labor for a total cost of $1200 – $2000. This price could go up even more if you need electrical upgrades. Be sure to find an electrician who is familiar with installing electric car chargers. Professional quality will pay off in the future. Also consider where you want to install the charger. You may already have a laundry outlet that will work or you may need a new outlet and electrical wiring done.

Types of Connections – Plug in or Hard Wire?

A plug in charger in does just that, plugs into an outlet and is portable and can go with you anywhere on the road. They are easy to upgrade, and you can take them when you move out. A hardwire installation takes the expertise of an electrician and cannot be moved. Foreseeing the needs of the near future, a more powerful connection and charger installation is more desirable. That being said, it is important not to overload the electric capacity you already have running through the property. When you’re looking for which charger to buy, remember to consider how long the cord will be and what side of the car is the input. The input could be located in front, back, or on the side of the car. There are outdoor outlet options for those with no garage but these are also more pricey to set up.