Things To Consider When Buying A Used Home

Are you a first time home buyer in Indiana and just starting out in the real estate market? If you are unsure about how a house should actually look and feel when you buy your first home, go to a few open houses, especially model homes from reputed builders. See and list what you notice on a notebook.

What is appealing in the house and what is jarring? What did you notice the first time you looked the house from the driveway? What was the feature that appealed to you in the living, kitchen and bedrooms? Now drive up to the house you are interested in, repeat the same exercise and ask the same questions to the seller. Unlike model homes, houses that are sold by owners or through brokers tend not to be picture perfect. There may be plenty of things that are amiss. The doors may have discoloration due to normal wear and tear. Floors may or may not appear brand new. There may be odor present that is typical of a old house built a decade ago. Hand prints may be present on the stairway, the garage may need upgrade, particularly cleaning and so on. And the backyard may not have been touched since quite a while. All of these drawbacks may make you think twice about buying the house.

Whatever observations you have noted, or your hired professional from First Time Home Buyer Services Crown Point IN has noticed, is for your advantage before making that big purchase of a lifetime. It can be an eye-opening experience wanting you to explore more houses and zero in on the one you like the most. So, let us go through this exercise once again in a detailed manner. As you enter the house of your interest, take a walk around the property and look objectively at the exterior condition. Maybe one closer look will let you realize that the house needs a fresh coat of painting. Sure, this is one of the areas where you can negotiate with the seller about the asking price. If you are adding this to your list of prerequisites, the seller may come up with a deal. Again consider paying attention to exterior features like sheds, doors, windows and trims. Note down the conditions wherever possible. Fixing the hinges, scraping the walls, repainting them, cleaning the glass elements all cost money, so choose wisely.

Take an objective look at the landscaping. Determine the areas that need irrigation and the maintenance cost involved. Look for overgrown trees and shrubs around the house and close to the foundation. Big trees often cause problems with extended roots and may need removal, which is again an added expense. A busy seller may not have noticed it until they began getting the house ready to sell. You can negotiate the price to remove the tree from the property. If the damage is serious, ask that it be repaired prior to you moving in. Your goal for the outside of the property should be the same as that of the inside.